Monday, November 17, 2008

Second Project for Advanced Studio

The theme was take a famous image and recreate it with your own interpretation. I chose the painting "The Lovers" by Magritte :

I interpreted it as Love is blind, so I came up with this:

(A woman in an abusive relationship is blind to her abuse. Etc. Sometimes I am weird.)

This week will be Sushi on Me. As in yes, having someone naked (or half naked) with sushi on their body. The theme was food or fashion. I bet you can guess which one I picked. Anyhow, I will put that image up sometime this week or next.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I miss Emma and Maggie

I talked to Emma today and it made me miss her even more. I also miss Maggie. Why are they not in my life? auuuuuuuuugh!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vagabond thoughts

So I am sitting here in the cafe called Your Inner Vagabond, (great hummus, fyi) and there is a group of atheists having a serious atheist discussion. I didn't know people who believe in nothing gather in groups to talk about believing in...nothing. It is interesting though. They keep talking about nature and how The Catholics fuck everything up and the Bible is fake. While I tend to agree with the latter two answers, I still am curious as to the reason why they need to have a meeting. I am chuckling to myself.

This weekend is going to be certainly interesting. Saturday is going to be date night with Phil, and lets just say I am a little excited. Just a little. (obvious understatement) If anyone knows me they know I really have it bad for him. He is absolutely adorable. AND he is smart. Those are two things that do not come together very often. We are going to LuLu's Noodles and then renting a movie at my place. Missy said she would go stay at Mile's or something so I have the place to myself with Phil. What a pal. I do really hope things work out with him though. He is such a great guy, and he seems genuine. And if you know me you know that I have had quite the bad luck in the male department over the past two years. I am ready for something not so bullshitty.

As for tonight, I am sitting here finishing up my hummus alone. Missy went to her parents for the evening and is staying there overnight. Emily has homework to do at her place. So I sit here. I would really love some company, and not necessarily with the scholarly atheists across the room from me. Maybe someone with a little more spring in their step. Oh well.

I decided with every post I am going to put in an image of the day, since I am a photographer and all. Here is today's courtesy of:

Ha, ha, ha.

Well aren't I cool now

So this is my first blog since high school. It will be filled mostly with my photo work, and some thoughts along the way. Enjoy. To the right is my first studio project: my friend Steph as Sarah Palin. Eating a hand, only oil is seeping instead of blood. Aren't I witty. Ha.