Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So at work yesterday a roll of film was developed that had photographs of a nude girl roughly my age posing provocatively for the camera, in only a thong. Some images she is even touching herself. And to top it off, there is a SIX YEAR OLD in the background of these images in his pajamas in bed, watching this whole scenario go down. It is apparent that the child is the females son, due to other images. anyhow. GROSS. AWFUL. WRONG. They called the police, but the cops said that its not illegal and they can do nothing. Can't that be seen as like corruption of a minor or something at LEAST? Jesus this world is fucked.


charity bombastic said...

poor kid.

i always wondered if it was common to see weird photos in developing places.
one hour photo.....
are you the next robin williams, katie?

Jes LaVecchia said...

damn. why are people like that even allowed to exist?

Breck Buxton said...

wow, people are disgusting.

LOL at charity's mention of robin william's.

mofavalon said...

I threw up in my mouth